Generative Flow UK 2019

Rediscover your "flow" ... and re-experience how you are at your best!

A Hands-On Experience That Will Expand Your Mind And Change The Way You Move Through The World ... Literally

“If you can’t see it with your mind you can’t see it with your eyes.”

- Marine Instructor, Combat Hunter Program

If you're not taking advantage of the latest knowledge about how our physiology and movement determines our "state" experience you're not performing at your maximum capability!

 If you've been following me for a while none of this is new to you, but my most recent updates to the methods I've been using with my current clients are a radical improvement over what I've been able to accomplish using the older models I built starting way back in the early 1990s ... 



Allow your desire to be stronger than your fear, and enter the "living laboratory" of Generative Flow where you can safely deal with how you respond to conflict and aggression and whatever they bring up in you as well ... 


This isn't some static state experience, or a "one-size fits all" way of organizing and using yourself ... it's about learning how to move elegantly through the full range of your capacities as a human being, knowing exactly how to make the adjustments to get there virtually instantaneously with clarity, confidence and the calm, unwavering aplomb of dynamic stability that comes with knowing which dimension of self is most appropriate to what's happening in the moment.




Elite Performance On Demand

When 90% of the population is confronted with anything that doesn't go the way they expected, or they don't produce the result they expect, their autonomic "sympathetic" nervous system kicks in with a primal response to what they perceive as threat, and they unconsciously and uncontrollably have either a fight or flight fight response ... or, if they are overwhelmed they simply freeze.

Yet, when elite performers are confronted with an unexpected situation or outcome they flow with it, shift and create the result they intended anyway ... including 100% of the elite special forces operators I've trained and worked with, as well as all the highly trained Marines those under Al's command too.

Generative Flow is all about neuro-cognitive retraining ... shifting the autonomic response to confrontation from the "sympathetic" to the "parasympathetic" so you automatically relax and begin responding creatively ... the shift from confrontation to creativity is truly remarkable when you experience it for yourself.

Generative Flow

The Art Of Applied Intuition

Elite Performance On Demand

The ground of intuition is your embodied sense of self ... and when you become the instrument that notices for these signals it is this "felt sense of self" that allows you to interpret the signals in the systems you operate within too. When you are properly tuned in you can begin to notice what hasn't happened yet, what is known as adumbration, making good, educated guesses about what's foreshadowed and most likely to come up, so you can begin to do what we call "stealing time."

Stealing time demands a sensitivity that few ever achieve, and yet all elite performers seem to naturally possess. By the end of the Generative Flow workshop you will know the distinctions of Fast Time and Slow Time, as well as what it means to use and integrate your Fast Brain/Fast Thinking and Slow Brain/Slow Thinking.


Once you can "steal time" on demand you will have access to  choices that become available to you that are simply not possible without this skill, but will become commonplace and natural for you.

  • Optimized Performance

    Once you've greased up and tweaked the fundamental neuro-cognitive architecture you're using ... you literally can't go back to a pre-optimized level of performance.

  • Renewed


    Re-train your entire neuro-cognitive system to an earlier moment in time prior to the sensitizing traumas and imposed limitations experienced over a lifetime by most adults. 

  • Optimal Response

    Build real-time response potential, the instant that something comes up you won't have to "think" about it at all, the response will just be there at your fingertips so to speak!

  • Adaptive


    Build a profound sense of creativity into the neuro-cognitive system to access to what's possible as human and also realize what's possible outside of your previous limiting beliefs. 

Hello Joseph ....


When I first saw your ad for the "Generative Flow" workshop....
....I knew deep inside that I had to do it. 
And Oh boy....did "IT" deliver. So much much information packed somatically and semantically in 3 days.


This definitely is a must have experience for anyone who wants to the saying goes...know thyself and better understand the inner world of others like a skilled magician.

Thank You for the most joyfully entertaining learning experience....and the gift that keeps on giving.

Knowing ... every muscle tells a story.


Best To You....John J. Suhar


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Meet The Trainers:

Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.

Joseph is an neurocognitive scientist and the creator of the MythoSelf Process, Soma-Semantics and Generative Flow.

He is the author of Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human-Systems, The State Of Perfection and Experiencing The Hero's Journey, as well as co-author of several other books. He is also a highly regarded international trainer and speaker. 

Joseph is an IBLEC Certified Master Executive Coach, Society of NLP Master Trainer and a Master Consulting Hypnotist. 

LtCol (Ret) Al Ridenhour

Al Ridenhour, has nearly 40-years of Martial Arts experience and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marine Corps.  With 28-years of service active and reserve and multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.


He is the Co-Author of "Attack Proof: The Ultimate Guided in Personal Protection (Human Kinetics, 2010) and the Co-Author of "How to Fight for Your Life" (June, 2010). 


He is recognized as a self defense expert world wide, and is highly sought out for seminars, workshops, lectures, and special individualized training. 

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